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Sunday, May 29, 2011


To those of you who have served in the Armed Forces, I bid you a very warm THANK YOU! If it weren't for our soldiers, our country would not be as safe/secure as it is. I personally feel that the present administration is NOT doing a good job of securing our borders. He is spreading our Army way too thin, sending them everywhere---including where Congress did not get to vote on!
If he would keep our National Guard in OUR country, it would be better. Our border states (Texas, AZ,Calif....)need protection from the armed drug gangs and the illegals trying to get into our country. They drain our economy. They get free medical treatment at hospitals when we citizens must pay. They get free schooling and even college when our citizens must pay. They take jobs---regardless of you who feel our citizens would NOT take those jobs due to a low wage---and leave our citizens unemployed...and on the unemployment payroll. They cost all of us citizens in many ways.
Anyway, if our National Guardsmen could patrol our borders, it would be a big improvement. It is a disgrace when our own government puts up signs telling us citizens that we better not drive/go through certain areas of our OWN COUNTRY because it is too dangerous!!! Geesh!!! Get help here!!!
Obama disrespects the governors of AZ and TX. He laughs at us. He could care less about protecting us, in my opinion.
I applaud those who try to defend our country.

I applaud all our military who supported and defended the USA, many of them giving their lives or limbs in doing so. When I was first married, we were in the Army for four years. My Ex went to DaNang, Vietnam as a helicopter pilot. We wives, as the husbands went through flight school, were also groomed to be officers' wives. We attended teas, brunches, other meetings to learn the ways of the Military. We gained strong feelings of patriotism. The military family is a strong,close-knit family. We came from all parts of our nation and leaned on each other for tips, support, did not matter what color skin you had. It was a type of life one does not find in the "other world".
We had friends who were captured, tortured, killed---all in defending our country and what it stood for. When our husbands were in Vietnam, we waiting wives had to deal with idiots who were against the war and thus, were angry toward us. I still remember to this day: I was wearing my husband's flight jacket (as I often did,because I was proud). I came out from the store and was going to my car....a man who must have been then in his '60's or more looked at me and called me a long-haired hippie....that was the nicest thing he said. Yet , here was my Ex over there fighting so that old man could be free. rude!!!
In my subdivision, a realty company came by on early Friday morning and put flags in front of each driveway. It looked beautiful....later that day, I found that MY flag was gone.....someone had taken it! WHY??? I may have been one of the few who really APPRECIATED that flag on my lawn!!! The flag was not there long enough for me to be able to read the card attached, to be able to thank the company for the kind gesture.

Well, this has not been a crafting message but one of my own opinion. May you enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

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Finally crafting today!

This has been a good weekend.  Yesterday I went to Sean's (my son) to help him cut down shrubs and remove groundcover, since he is having a sprinkler system put in on Friday. THe heat and humidity were the time we had finished all, we had 3 trashcans full, plus 3 large plastic Glad bags full! At least I got my exercise!
Since I had a change of clothes with me, I showered there while he went to Subway to get sandwiches....hmm, they were delicious! He also was sweet enough to fill my gas tank! What a surprise! I enjoyed the work over there---if it is not YOUR own home, why does work never seem like work?? lol.
We then watched 2 movies, falling asleep near the end...I gathered up all my stuff as the lightning and thunder the time I got home, NO rain ever did appear (despite the tornado  and storm warnings.
I took several pictures of my work in progress today.  I had painted a wooden box a burnt orange color a few weeks ago.  Today I used black ink and bolillos (from Judikins) to stamp a southwestern band around all sides.  I stamped a buffalo on the BOTTOM of the box...just for fun.  I may use a woodburning tool to finish the bottom with some landscape and grass.
On the top of the box, I stamped a solid TEXAS in cocoa colored Colorbox ink, embossing it with a cool sand-tapestry powder to make it look like rough sand.  The Texas stamp was stamped AFTER I used a huge background stamp to create a strange,fragmented background. I plan to use a woodburner to fill in and complete the sides of the box. I'll post pics of the finished product later. Right now, I will try to upload the pictures of it so far.

I also took a little wooden box I had stamped and put an American flag felt lining.  I used Stazon dark green ink to stamp some underwater-type of greenery on the top of box and on two sides of it.  I used turquoise pigment ink to stamp a fish  I had bought from Stamp in the Hand at a convention.  Over the fish, I embossed with a clear but holographic glittery powder.  It makes the fish less intrusive---rather transparent.  I did the same techniqe on two sides of the box, rolling the stamp around the curved sides of the box.
I'll post pics of this,too.

My last project of the day was trying to finish a framed clock picture frame.  I had worked on this ages ago...using "Camp Grandma" stickers on the unfinished wooden frame .  I never was pleased with the sticker outcome...I tried using Tulip pearl dimensional paint to outline some of the 3D stickers,because they had "raised up" from the frame.  That didn't work well, either.  Since time had passed and PINK was no longer my granddaughter's favorite color, I used the turquoise pigment ink and clear embossing powder to redo the outer frame color.  It finally hit me:  try to use crystal lacquer to flood the surface of the frame to COVER the stickers in question.  I had tried using my heat gun to liquefy the outlined stickers, pushing them back down with my fingers--against the wood.  That rather covering the frame with Glossy Accents (cuz out of Sakura 3D lacquer) was my new idea.  I used masking tape to seal around the frame to try to retain the GA on TOP the frame.  It was rather self-levelling, so it appears that not much touch up will be needed once dried and cured.  THEN I can insert the 1 7/16" clock into the corner area.  I'll take pics of that,too , and upload them.

It felt so good to be crafting that I didn't realize the time had flown by and was now almost 8:00PM!   I guess my stomach let me know I had been there quite a while. haha
I hope YOUR weekend was a good one!  What did YOU do?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the Beginning...

This is the day that the Lord hath made..............and the beginning of a new blogsite!
I decided to peruse this site after looking at several crafting blogsites and being told I should make one! Well, Terri, this will be challenging.  On my Shutterfly craft site, it is made to be interactive....but as they say, "you can build the world's best mousetrap, but if no one knows about it, no mice will be caught." (paraphrased. lol)
You can always visit my crafting site by going to

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I must figure out how to combine cats and crafts!....with the flavor of Texas!  For now, feel free to sign in over on the right side of the page to let me know you were here to visit!
I see there are alot of gadgets one can add on this site.  It wasn't accepting some of my choices,saying they were temporarily down.  Since this is Day One of this new blogging page by me, many changes and improvements will flow forth.....I hope!   :)
So, dear friends, go forth and multiply! If you have friends who love cats, I hope to fill this area with them!  My VIDEO BAR below has been set to Taxcat1's Channel.
Have a great day!   Be crafty!