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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Finally crafting today!

This has been a good weekend.  Yesterday I went to Sean's (my son) to help him cut down shrubs and remove groundcover, since he is having a sprinkler system put in on Friday. THe heat and humidity were the time we had finished all, we had 3 trashcans full, plus 3 large plastic Glad bags full! At least I got my exercise!
Since I had a change of clothes with me, I showered there while he went to Subway to get sandwiches....hmm, they were delicious! He also was sweet enough to fill my gas tank! What a surprise! I enjoyed the work over there---if it is not YOUR own home, why does work never seem like work?? lol.
We then watched 2 movies, falling asleep near the end...I gathered up all my stuff as the lightning and thunder the time I got home, NO rain ever did appear (despite the tornado  and storm warnings.
I took several pictures of my work in progress today.  I had painted a wooden box a burnt orange color a few weeks ago.  Today I used black ink and bolillos (from Judikins) to stamp a southwestern band around all sides.  I stamped a buffalo on the BOTTOM of the box...just for fun.  I may use a woodburning tool to finish the bottom with some landscape and grass.
On the top of the box, I stamped a solid TEXAS in cocoa colored Colorbox ink, embossing it with a cool sand-tapestry powder to make it look like rough sand.  The Texas stamp was stamped AFTER I used a huge background stamp to create a strange,fragmented background. I plan to use a woodburner to fill in and complete the sides of the box. I'll post pics of the finished product later. Right now, I will try to upload the pictures of it so far.

I also took a little wooden box I had stamped and put an American flag felt lining.  I used Stazon dark green ink to stamp some underwater-type of greenery on the top of box and on two sides of it.  I used turquoise pigment ink to stamp a fish  I had bought from Stamp in the Hand at a convention.  Over the fish, I embossed with a clear but holographic glittery powder.  It makes the fish less intrusive---rather transparent.  I did the same techniqe on two sides of the box, rolling the stamp around the curved sides of the box.
I'll post pics of this,too.

My last project of the day was trying to finish a framed clock picture frame.  I had worked on this ages ago...using "Camp Grandma" stickers on the unfinished wooden frame .  I never was pleased with the sticker outcome...I tried using Tulip pearl dimensional paint to outline some of the 3D stickers,because they had "raised up" from the frame.  That didn't work well, either.  Since time had passed and PINK was no longer my granddaughter's favorite color, I used the turquoise pigment ink and clear embossing powder to redo the outer frame color.  It finally hit me:  try to use crystal lacquer to flood the surface of the frame to COVER the stickers in question.  I had tried using my heat gun to liquefy the outlined stickers, pushing them back down with my fingers--against the wood.  That rather covering the frame with Glossy Accents (cuz out of Sakura 3D lacquer) was my new idea.  I used masking tape to seal around the frame to try to retain the GA on TOP the frame.  It was rather self-levelling, so it appears that not much touch up will be needed once dried and cured.  THEN I can insert the 1 7/16" clock into the corner area.  I'll take pics of that,too , and upload them.

It felt so good to be crafting that I didn't realize the time had flown by and was now almost 8:00PM!   I guess my stomach let me know I had been there quite a while. haha
I hope YOUR weekend was a good one!  What did YOU do?

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