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Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the Beginning...

This is the day that the Lord hath made..............and the beginning of a new blogsite!
I decided to peruse this site after looking at several crafting blogsites and being told I should make one! Well, Terri, this will be challenging.  On my Shutterfly craft site, it is made to be interactive....but as they say, "you can build the world's best mousetrap, but if no one knows about it, no mice will be caught." (paraphrased. lol)
You can always visit my crafting site by going to

You can find me on Facebook.

I must figure out how to combine cats and crafts!....with the flavor of Texas!  For now, feel free to sign in over on the right side of the page to let me know you were here to visit!
I see there are alot of gadgets one can add on this site.  It wasn't accepting some of my choices,saying they were temporarily down.  Since this is Day One of this new blogging page by me, many changes and improvements will flow forth.....I hope!   :)
So, dear friends, go forth and multiply! If you have friends who love cats, I hope to fill this area with them!  My VIDEO BAR below has been set to Taxcat1's Channel.
Have a great day!   Be crafty!


  1. I DO notice that I may not like to keep cursive font type for the blog. It may be hard for people to read. My favorite font is Comic Sans...but I did not see it offered.

  2. Well Lee, it looks like your on your way, keep up the good work.